I just saw Mr-think-he-is-charming come online and I remembered what I wanted to bitch blog about him.

Initially the plan was that Mr Different Wavelength will choose a restaurant for dinner and we will go to the lounge/ktv pub which Mr Charming brought us the other time. Today I smsed him and he told me that the doc advised him on his diet so he can’t join us for drinking. So nevermind lor, we change the plans and decide to go for late night coffee.

So I informed Mr Different Wavelength to choose a coffee place instead and I will choose the dinner place. Of course I said I wanted taos ( refer to posts below ) which is my fave restaurant at the moment. I smsed the price range and Mr Charming said that he needs to save up. So he wants to keep the dinner below 15.

fine. And he suggested some places like Marina for steamboat and Bliss Cafe.

Let me tell you what is wrong with the 2 places.


It is dirty. The food isn’t great. It isn’t that cheap since there is only 4 of us. We will stink and I am obessed with smelling nice. And since I am the only char bo there, read: free cook, I have to cook for all of them esp that Mr Charming who is the most bo zhi dong of all. Pui.

Bliss Cafe

He chose that place cause it is so freaking near to his house. So selfish of him. Pui!

Of course I disagreed and told him that I shall choose.  And guess his reply?

” Ok, you choose. What about secret recipe?”

and I replied ” I thought you say I am choosing? So no more suggestions from you.”

hahahahaha. Chao Mr Charming. Nevermind, I got 2 weeks to think of where to eat for dinner.