what kind of person you are?

Will you be happy for your siblings if they get attached? I know I will especially if their attachees are good catches. In the midst of the happiness you feel for your siblings, will you feel jealous that you did not get hitched before them? I know my friend will.

In fact, when she told me that she will be upset that her younger sis get attached before her, it just made me realise what kind of personality my friend has.

Selfish. Checked

Desperate. Checked

Selfish. Checked

Selfish. Checked

You get my drift.

And if you can get upset that your own sisters are getting attached before you, I guess the reply would be the same as friends.

I remember getting a call from her saying that a common friend is attached.  I remembered shrieking along and getting a tinge of jealously because I do not like that friend one bit. That is the major difference between her and I. I will sincerely feel happy for all my friends whom I like if they found someone good. If you happen to be disliked by them, then too bloody bad for you.

I guess if her good friends get attached before her, we shall be subjected to jealously by her as well as snide remarks.