Phwar, I have been watching RA movies in a row. ANyway TransAmerica is hilarious. To the max. Which makes the pace of the movie fast. And the way the plots twists and turns is like a major roller coaster. Pity that the movie is only 1.5 hrs. The ending is alittle abrupt too and I was looking forward to more laughs instead of the lights being switched on.

Then Cute Guy finally replied my sms on his email address after 8 hrs. And as usual, he told me to vote for Bryan Wong so that he can be the first StarIdol. Then I replied to the effect that Wang Wang haven’t paid me hence I am kinda broke. And he replied my msg with the following: I just quarreled with wang wang. So useless. His banana so small.

waahahahahahaha. That phrase about the small banana really perked me up. Hence I called cute guy and asked him abt the quarrel. And I made him promise me something which he grudgingly did.

HE IS GOING TO BRING ME TO A GAY PUB. Took some convincing cause he said that bringing a female will spoil his chances at the pub. I told him that he can left me alone there and I will be fine.

As usual I asked him about the office and he said his famous line. ” All women are useless.” Feeling slightly miffed cause I am a woman also, I replied and reminded him of my gender. Luckily he replied correctly.

” You are not considered a woman. You are still a girl.”

And that line somehow made me grin like a Cheshire Cat..

Click after the jump to read abt the plot

The movie started with Bree ( felicity huffman) putting on her makeup and going to the doctor where she was asked and tested on her psychological wellbeing. After which she had a meeting with her therapist, and they were talking about getting the signature for a sex change operation.

She then received a call to bail her son out of jail which is when she realised that she had a son. This son was between her and a highschool girl 17 years ago. She told her therapist about it and was persuaded to make the trip down to see her son.

She introduced herself as a church person to her son.

PS: I shall talk about the twists and turns of the movie.

Son is quite screwed up. He is a prostitute and steals. Takes drugs too. Bree wanted to put him back at the son’s stepfather after she heard that he has a stepfather. He violently objected.

Reason being the stepfather sexually abused him when he was young. The stepfather somehow was knocked unconsious and became dead.

The son then realised that Bree is a man when he saw her penis. And he started to embarass her by telling people he met that she has a dick.

Their car got stolen halfway and they are left stranded. They made their way to this restaurant. The son got an offer by another guy in the toilet. And the son gave that guy a blowjob in the van. He got some cash.

Bree met a nice farmer who gave them a ride. Some sparks flew between them.

With nowhere to go, Bree took her son back to her parent’s house whom she has lost contact with. Bree’s parents are shocked at the return of the prodigal son. They did not recognise her at all. All this way, the son did not know that Stanley aka Bree is his father.

Bree’s mother was dead against bree having a sex change. She however was overjoyed when she realised that she has a grandson.

The son went into Bree’s room at the parents’ house. He took her his clothes and started to kiss her. She resisted. He told her that she was sexy and he wanted to marry her. He also wanted to make love to her. She told him that she was his father. He ran away from home and went missing.
Bree went ahead with the sex change. The son fulfilled his dream and starred in movies. Porn gay movies.

One day, he appeared at Bree’s doorstep.

The end. Anticlimax right?