The fly

Met up with the taitai gang yesterday for some good company and good window shopping except for Miss Tall and Thin Taitai who never fails to buy something.

As usual, we ate at kenny rogers. Not very taitai-ish. But we need to save money for our shopping during the great singapore sale.

I was still looking for my birthday frock so I went around trying dress after dress. But there is nothing nice for me to take note of.

After which we adjourned to raffles city to get a drink. When I sat down, there was some huge reaction from Miss Tall and Thin and Miss Teh. Apparently someone forgot to zip the jeans and strut her stuff from suntec to raffles city. In full view.

Damn funny right? BUT IT IS NOT VERY FUNNY WHEN THE PERSON IS YOU. fucking KNN. I hope the zip slipped when I sat down. But I know that the chance of it is zero. Fucking hell.

SOmething funny happened yesterday. We were at citylink on the way to raffles city on the escalator when 2 girls are trying to pinch another guy who was in front of me. The guy who wanted to escape from their pinching said ” eh, don’t play. There are people around.”

Whahahahaha. Eh little boy, I happen to have a fetish enjoy pinching guys as well. Of course I will allow my “sisters” to pinch you lah. So I took an escalator step back and told the girls” Go ahead.”

I don’t think the girls heard me. But the guy sure did cause he siamed from me super fast. wahahahahahaha. And now I realised that my zip was undone. Maybe that is why he ran so fast. 🙁