Short Men

PS:I blogged yesterday and my post was gone when I hit publish. Oh knnccb.And one of the things I hate is to repeat myself. Ah, let me nag this post now.

I just realised that short men have an advantage. They can knock their shoulders right into the breasts of females above 1.7 metres. Oh, and we can’t do anything about those shoulders though cause it wasn’t done on purpose. Short men, start wriggling your shoulders! WHo said being short is bad?

Met up with Miss Sporty and Mr Gay yesterday. We ate at the wisma food republic which I think serves up one of the best food court food. The hokkien mee with the long queue was really good and had a lot of prawns. And we started to play a game of who can peel the prawns the fastest using chopsticks and spoon, after they saw that I can niftly remove prawn shells. hahahhaha. I win of course!!!

After which we went to get my birthday frock. Of course it is nice as Mr Gay said so. I trust his fashion sense alot.

Mr Gay then went to buy books and we started an avid book discussion. He said that I do not come across as someone who reads. -__________________- I started to rattle off and impress him with the number of books I read while giving him suggestions. In the end, he bought a book I read before cause I said it was good.

I read 5 books in like 3 months.

  1. deception point
  2. angels and demons
  3. digital fortress
  4. memoirs of a geisha
  5. ignited minds

That’s a hella lot of books considering that I have limited time.

i came home bored when Mr Fag msn me. And I decided to say I love you to him. Thus we started to say I love you to each other. At one time, I even asked him whether he will turn straight for me. But we all know that we are just joking around and teasing each other. Btw, he said he will not turn straight. hahaha. Kinda obvious.

Today, I went to concourse to get party stuff. And I saw some things which is so darned cheap there. TMD! I bought it for so expensive. TMD TMD.

On another note, I missed an unknown number. I told my friend the number and she was like, should be from the hougang, sengkang area. Then we started to have the same thoughts and I was like Shit!!! A call which I cannot miss at all. Luckily I called back.

Wish me luck on fri 😀