Read: Desperate Singapore Idol wannabes

20-year-old Ryan How may have had a head-start to hit the right notes.

He sang in his school choir for 2 years and recently, he won an hour-long voice training session with official Idol voice coach, Babes Conde.

He was one of the 3 lucky winners who won an exclusive one-on-one session with the voice trainer picked from an SMS competition in January 2006.

Ryan said: “Within that one hour I was trained on like how to focus on my audience and my judges when I was singing so that helps, really helps.”

One of the talentless loser. I’m sure it really really helped.

23-year-old Elisha Suriani, who was first in line, spent 17 hours queueing.

Elisha said: “We have to sleep overnight so we pass the time by just practising, and also talking to other Idol contestants and joking.”

And in that 17 hours, I went out with my friends for a movie, had lunch and dinner with them, went home and completed my assignment and still have time to take a nap. I’m amazed how productive we are these days.

June Lim, who tried to sing a chord last season, attempted to sing a song this time round.

June said: “I came to Singapore Idol with a view of being William Hung, William Hung the Second, so this time round, it’s different, I want to be what I am, June.”

I never even heard of June, if I were her, I would rather stick to her initial view of being William Hung. She probably stand a higher chance of getting past the first round.