Public Transport

Imagine a day where transport ministers, C level staff, BOD of all our public transport companies and authorities ( taxis not included ) takes public transport everyday, just like what most of us do.


You step into an MRT train only to realise that there are no seats. Then it is a mad rush for the best standing places in the trains. Basically the ones near the door. Or in the middle where there are poles for you to hold on to. If you are a lady, please remember that you are in high heels with a working bag.
As the trains goes through its normal routes and gets more and more packed, everybody is being packed together. There is so such thing as personal space and you are counted lucky if there is space on the poles for you to grab if there is no one who leans their whole body on the poles.

Paya Lebar Stop, ajunied stop, kallang stop. The train is packed to the maximum capacity. There is only room for breathing. No more humans can be packed in anymore. Well if you are living there, too bad. Please try the next train. Oh, the next train is packed? Please keep trying.

City hall

Alot of movement and squeezing as this is the interchange. There will be a mad scamble for seats.  If you are a guy, please be a split second faster than the lady next to you and snatch the seat. NVM that she is in high heels. After all you paid your money’s worth. And you believe in equality. For the ladies, please do not get pissed that the guy next to you who is obviously not in high heels and can balance better get the seat. After all this happens everyday, you will get used to it.

You take a bus to your mother’s place. It has been 25 minutes and there is no bus. You keep looking at your hp under the sweltering heat while trying to get some shade from the bus stop. No, your hp is working fine and the time is not faster. It is just that the intervals between buses is long. But that’s normal.

You get up on the bus and there is no seats. During the long waiting time, alot more people have arrived at the bus stop, so it makes sense that the bus will be packed. You scan the ezlink card reader and realise that you only has 2 bucks left in your card. With the rising bus fares, the 10 bucks you topped up 2 days ago, can only last you till now.

You got down at your stop. And walked for about 100 metres before realising that you forgot to tap the ez link when you get down. Getting a refund will be too troublesome. So forgive and forget. Nevermind that the bus fares has been increasing.

And that will be the life of a regular Singaporean with no vehicle of their own.

Congrats to the transport ministers, C level staff, BOD of all our public transport companies and authorities for surviving the ordeal. You will get learn to used to it just like the rest of us.

Now if my plan materialised and all the above personnel takes public transport everywhere they go, I am sure that our public transport system can improve by leaps and bounds. 😀