Pasar Malam

I have resisted the pasar malam for a couple of days due to the single digit number standing in my bank account. Thanks to wang wang who delayed it for 2 weeks and cute guy who delayed it for 1 week. Thanks hor. I finally saw it after 3 weeks.

Anyway I saw signboards screaming $1. Wah, $1 signboards appeals to the auntie in me. Of course, I went to take a look and bought a whole load of stuff

  1. 2 huge tongs for my party-$1.20 each
  2. one penis shaped massager for my grandmother. I remembered that she always complain for pain-$1
  3. 1 pack of poker cards for party-$1
  4. one masking tape for party-$1
  5. 35 sheets of stickers-$3 altogether
  6. 500 words jigsaw puzzle -$2.50
  7. Frame for jigsaw puzzle-$7.90

And I amazingly did not buy any food. I was quite shocked also. The jigsaw puzzle is for my room. I am going to revamp my room in a few months. So I shall add in the jigsaw puzzle as accessories. Plus the fact that I loved jigsaw when I was young, nice to relive the past.

When I told my father that I bought 2 tongs, he was like ” eh in the cupboard got tongs which you hijacked from your friend.”

Whahahahaha. Hijack is such a funny word. Any missing tongs if u r my friend, pls inform me. I am forgetful. Your tongs are in a safe place. I wonder how many tongs I hijacked from my friends.