Invitation cards

I spent my evening working on the invitation cards. Since I am gian peng and don’t want to waste ink, I had a very white plain looking card. I even printed the card in draft. hahaa.
It looks so terrible that I decided to utilise my rusty colouring skills. So I took out my rusty colour pencils and crayons.

The last time I used these was maybe 10 years to 15 years ago. I prefer these to the normal oil crayons as they are not too messy and give a smoother look as compared to colour pencils.

My trusty decade oil crayons

I don’t think they sell this sort of crayons anymore right? I <3 my crayons. I think my grandmother bought this for me. I do not have the heart to throw away my childhood stuff. haaaa!!!

And I realised that my chinese is really horrifying poor when I had to resort to my handphone to check the word ” yi, jiu and shu ( maternal aunty, maternal uncle, paternal uncle).


My sister commented that my colouring is very primary schoolish. It is old school ok?

I finished 12 cards! All are in different colours. So every card is unique.