Look the kanasai friends I have.

Me: eh, I want to dye and curl my hair.

Miss Eloquent : no. curling makes ppl look old. Do something that will make you look young.
I muttered something to the effect that it is slight curls and hence won’t look old.

Miss Eloquent: Nah, you juz don’t look like a cute girl with big eyes and kawaii smile.

Me: I will just look cute with a nice smile and ravishing beady eyes.

Miss Eloquent: lol beady says it all :p

see lah. I kanna shoot that I got small eyes and a ugly smile and look not cute.

Miss Superficial gave a worse reply.

me: eh, what shall I do with my hair?

Miss Superficial: burnt it.
Me: be serious

Miss Superficial: colour it. grow it long.

me: I want to curl it.

Miss Superficial: no dun think you have enough hair volume for it. And will make u look old. cos you need a young face to carry it. Like mine.:)

Miss Superficial even better. Say I look old and compliment herself.

Due to their “constructive” criticisions, I shall not curl my hair. Save money also.

I had dinner with Miss Lilac and Miss Tee at soup spoon today. It was more of a last minute decision. Despite the fact that there is no service charge, Soup spoon has one of the best services around. Not to mention that the food is really good. But I hate the fact that the place is so cramp. Can the management please expand?

After dinner was coffee time. The 3 of us always go to Star Bucks for coffee where we will talk the most rubbish.

Tonight’s topics was on flings. Gossip about people we know. And brazilian waxing.

And we made a silly pact to go for brazilian together. Apparently we were so interesting that there was a lone guy besides us that was listening in to our coversation the whole time. We knew that he was listening cause everytime I mentioned about some customers behind my friends and they turn round to see, he will also turn round. It happened twice.

Miss Tee mentioned that brazilian waxing involves the hair on the backsize which I absolutely has no idea. Then I said aloud to them” My ass is quite smooth leh. No hair one.” And we were joking about how we will be walking with our legs far apart after the waxing due to the soreness.
Then I mentioned some other things which is unmentionable here.

BTw, Miss tee told me that brazilian is 50 bucks.  I thought only 20 plus. Any nice place to recommend?