extreme birthdays

I just heard the most ridiculous thing.

There is this guy whom I know which we have common friends. My friend bey just told me that that guy ( lets call him cheng ) has invited her to his birthday party.

And guess what he is doing for his birthday?

He is having them on a cruise which can hold 300 pple. WTF. WTF. WTF. WTF. I know he is fucking rich but this is kinda extreme.

But the funniest thing was that Cheng first messaged Bey saying  ” Yo  ppl… im holding a CNYcelebration at my house on blah blah date. there will be lang sai at 5 pm.. dont noe wat at 6 pm .. n free dinner blah balh

WTF. He is fucking rich until he can hire a lion dance troup to his hse for CNY. Purposely somemore. And he obviously have no friends to invite cause he invited Bey which he haven spoke to for 2 years.

I cant stand laughing abt the lang sai part.