I just went cake-shopping and will do a summary of the price of cakes.

Bengawan solo: 35 per kg. 38 for cakes with fillings ( black forest). 100 bucks and above free delivery. Min 3 kg.

Four leaves : I love the service there best. They even gave me a small booklet when I requested for it. The only one with the booklet. 120 bucks for a 5 kg cake which I wanted. No delivery i think.

Secret receipe: 36.8 per kg. Can choose any sort of cake eg tiramisu, choc truffle etc. Min is 3 kg. Can print the face on the cake. No increase in price.

breadtalk: don’t have the cake i want.

polar: 24 per kg. extra 5 per kg for the artistic design. Not very nice somemore. But I like the fact that they have tiered cakes. Like wedding. Cant remember whether there was delivery cause I was turned off by the service. min 3 kg.
prima deli: 30 per kg. Min 2.5 kg. The person said he will absorb my delivery charge. So nice. Good service somemore. Plus one of the cheapest considering I don’t want a 3 kg cake. Cake should be alright according to HF.

I want to consider angie the choice but it is so bloody far to order.

Okie. Prima deli is good since I am on a budget. Sweet secret is good for the quality of the cake. Four Leaves for the cheapest cake ( if the person never bluff me about the 5 kg weight.) Bengawan for the most expensive cakes (must order the 38 bucks one cause i ate the 35 bucks before and it sucks.  ) Polar for selling cakes.

Most prob i will get the prima deli one.