Blue Bird

I have this colleague whom I called her blue bird. It was meant to sound vulgar in Hokkien but I always calls her Lan Niao. But she always calls me Blue Bird too.
I texted her to invite her to my party. And this is her hilarious reply.

Blue Bird: Finally you turn 2*. But you look like 2* long long ago leh.

My reply “I never look 2* before hor.”

Blue Bird ” Please lah, all along you look like an old bird. ”

And when my colleagues and I go to blue bird’s house, she will always ask her to daughter to call us. Her daughter will call my first two colleagues Jie Jie and when it is my turn, Aunty. And then all of them will laugh and say small children don’t lie. ‘___________’

Update: I told her to bring her daughter and Blue Bird’s reply is ” Ok. But my daughter scared of old birds. Pls prepare bird nest 4 dessert. Eh, you got boyfriend already anot?”