birthday frock

I think I have in mind the frock that I will get. I am getting sick of trying clothes and going into changing rooms. I shall fuck care the fact that the dress looks formal. I shall fuck care that I got no boyfriend to wear the dress for. I shall wear it for myself.

I told Mr Gay that the taitai gangs have to go for more expensive dinners at hotels so that I get a chance to wear my dress. Sounds bimbo but it is actually not. I am getting maximum utility for my dress. And utility is an ECONOMICS term. Phwar, I am so smart and economical.

Anyway there is a reason why I am so getting the dress. Cause my mother said it was ugly. Which means it is super super super nice.

I asked 10 pple and all said it was nice. What’s the probability of getting 10 pple to agree plus the fact that my mother disagree? Means the dress is a super must get.

wahahaha. When my mother said it was ugly, I told her that it must have meant that the dress is nice cause she got bad taste. wahahaha. My mother just shakes her head cause she knew she has a naughty daughter.