I promise to blog abt my hair soon when I find the time.

Alot of random things happened over the weekend:

That sort of sums up my weekend.

I had a more interesting monday though. I was dreaming of going for an interview for work when my dad shouted at me to get up. I woke up feeling disoriented and realise that I haven got the place of the interview. Thus, i started to fidget with my phone and wanted to call the interview for the exact location.

Then my father shouted and said ” 1030 already. What are you doing?”

Me” don’t disturb. I need to call someone.”

Father” you call for what. You are going to school.”

Me ” oh yah, I was dreaming just now.”

My dad bursts out laughing at me.

This is really a case whereby reality and dreams are really blurred.

I went shopping with Miss Eloquent in town for my birthday frock. TMD, no one knows what a birthday frock is. And now everybody is using the word frock cause I use it. I am cool. Anyway, I can choose a birthday frock for 100 bucks and any excess in amt will be paid by me.

There is one nice Jamican looking dress from allure which costs 99. I told Miss Eloquent that I can get that dress and a 1 buck ice cream.

There is another nice frock at Coats which costs 139. I had to give up 39 ice creams for that frock.

All the frocks look so springy now. I don’t think I will settle for a spring top as I doubt I will wear it.

I am harbouring alot of thoughts in my brain. Unpleasant thoughts. That is not good. I shall stay away from the time being. and I feel like changing all the passwords.