Let me tell you a story of a blur girl.

One day, there is a girl who is very busy and staying up late is the norm. Thus she decided that today like any other day, she shall stay up late into the wee hours. She was tired and hence drank a cup of coffee.

However her body was protesting against the abuse and she decided that she shall sleep instead of stay up late to finish up her stuff.

But she just drank coffee to stay up late and she is attempting to sleep. How smart of her. That is a waste of coffee btw. Luckily she managed to fall asleep easily.

This little girl decided to be hardworking and wake up at 5 am since she slept early. Let us all throw confetti for her! So she set her alarm to 5am.

This morning, she woke up at 8 and realised that her alarm did not ring. She took her hp and realised something.

She set her alarm to 5 am but she forgot to press Ok to the timing and hence her alarm was not set at all.

What a stupid and blur girl.

I was thinking that we should throw rotten eggs at her but this girl prefers money to be thrown at her instead. Please accede to her request.