Slept debt

I seriously think that I need more sleep. I owe so much sleep debt that I will be bankrupt soon if I don’t return it back.

I went back to wang wang’s office yesterday after a long absence. Wang Wang’s gf left the company! This is super shocking to me as I thought she will be the lady boss. However I hope that she can find someone better at her new workplace than that Wang Wang.

Mr Cute Guy is still the same as before. He asked me how come I did not contact him at all. I dropped him an sms about a month again and told him that he is invited to my birthday party. He thought I have forgotten to invite him. But the truth is not that birthday is still very long away. Wahahaha. Mr Cute Guy is funny in the sense that he does not reply to my sms and expects me to sms him still. He did not rely to my last sms about the birthday thing and he did not reply me when I sms about Bryan Wong getting in the top 4 of the SuperIdol. Mr Cute Guy is so crazily in love with Bryan Wong that he smsed about 100 over times. Siao. Sms a few can already. He should have given me the money. So basically I am expected to sms Mr Cute Guy all the time without expecting a reply.

Mr Cute Guy is currently dating someone. Wahaha. He even showed me that guy’s pic. Not bad looking and doesn’t look like 38.

There is a new girl at the office and she thought that I was an Indonesia. We were eating lunch when she said that so erm, it was food for thought.

After work, Miss Pooh and I rushed down to Cathay to catch Brokeback Mountain. We hear so much about it, we must definitely watch it. Joining us was Miss Lilac, Miss Tee and Miss Gems. We were pretty much excited to see the gay scenes.

Review of Brokeback Mountain

I had a hard time deciphering the drawl used by Heath Leather. The whole time he was talking, I was busy reading the Chinese subtitles. It sounded pathetic. The worse part is that my Chinese reading skills sucked like hell and thus, I was really slow in reading the Chinese subtitles. Which meant that I did not understand at all.

Thus, I decided that guys with drawls which I used to find sexy is no longer part of the criteria I want. Unless slow Chinese subtiltles can be seen when he speaks. Which is impossible cause subtitles can’t be spewed out of a person.

Anyway, I found the movie a little slow moving. I was fidgeting in my seat before the end of the movie. On the whole, maybe because I heard fantastic reviews about the movie before I went there which resulted for the slight disappointment when the movie end.

Miss Tee is so funny. When the subtitles for brokeback mountain appeared on screen, she thought that one of the 2 gays had sex on the mountain until he broke his back. Wahahah.

After the movie, we adjourned for coffee at Star Bucks. I guess I was really shagged already which resulted in me doing a lot of stupid things. I hit my head on the starbucks sign which I was sitting beneath. Not once but a few times cause I manage to forget the existence of that signboard.

Starbucks have this new system where customers are allowed to give purple coloured cards to their staff if they provided good service. The staff who was serving us was polite and friendly and hence we thought, no big deal. Just give her a purple card to make her day. However I must write in her name so I was looking for a pen. My friend said, hey there is a pen over there pointing to the pen besides the credit card machine. Me being me, and being exhausted did not think twice and started using that pen to write on the card.


So damn embarrassing. I managed to laugh it off.

I got tons of work to do which resulted in me drinking coffee at 11 pm. Caramel frup. But apparently the coffee did not work.

I fell asleep on the bus.

All the way home.

Past my house.

All the way to the damn interchange.

Someone has to wake me up and inform me that it is the last stop. Thanks to the person. 😀

Luckily I can caught the last feeder bus home.

But my ordeals does not stop there. I realized that I did not bring my keys when I reached home. And hence started calling my siblings to get them to open the door for me.

I think all my siblings (including me) are heavy sleepers. My 10 missed calls to them did not stir them up.