Sexy conversation

I had the following conversation with a friend.

Mrs Lim: i had a blowjob yesterday
Friend:u blow who or wat
Mrs Lim:i blow a cup
Friend:i blow my coffee everyday
Mrs Lim:nooooooooo
Mrs Lim:i really had a bj
Mrs Lim:but it was on a cup
Friend:u blow a cup?
Mrs Lim:it is a drink called blowjob lah

Mrs Lim:yes, i blew the cup

Mrs Lim:so creamy
Friend:alcoholic driunk makes u grow old
Friend:so cut down
Friend:Anyway. so u get an orgasm?

Mrs Lim:i think the cup got an orgasm
Friend:taste stale?
Mrs Lim:my licking skills so good
Friend:i dunno abt that.. haha
Mrs Lim:it is ok. We love the same sex anyway

After which he asked me to log into SingaporeBoys to see a guy. My friend is Mr Fag lah.

The part about the alcohol makes me look old is true. All my friends were carded EXCEPT ME. I mean if all of us were not carded, then I wouldnt be so upset. But I was the odd one out.

Fuck lah.