My Unworthy Bra

If only our Asian society is open to women not wearing bras and walking around with nipples being visibly obvious underneath our clothes, I will be so glad.

Did I mention that bras are expensive and cumbersome?

My worse nightmare is to step out of the house without my bra and not knowing it.

I wore my Arthur Yen top today which is made of a slightly flimsy material. And I wore the wrong bra which looks too big for my goods. ANd it is pretty obvious and I got alot of stares at the chest area. I was running late and hence have no time to change my bra. Not to mention, I want to wear my new cny top today. Erm, I am abit bimbo in that sense. And I regret lah. My friend told me I should have worn a strapped bra today.

ANd now I am fretting over my bra cuz I am going to town soon with a GUY! Last minute decision. But he is the legs type of guy and hopefully won’t look over and notice that my bra is bigger than intended.

I so want to be in the bra-burning feminist era now during the women’s liberations movement. SO I can be truly free.

I am making a mountain out of a molehill and thus should stop ranting.

And my laptop is in a crazy state now. I need to download some add-ins which is 400000 KB and downloading 8000 KB takes 1.5 hrs. Which means it is fucking fucking slow.