Just got back from melaka! It was definitely a fun trip. I am waiting for all the pics so that I can post.

A friend who got to know me better through this trip commented two things.

1) You eat alot of fruits.

Basically we had 4 buffets in all for the 2 days. How lucky is that? I was eating as much as possible since there was so much food left. We had lunch buffet on the day i arrived, afternoon tea fruits buffet where we were served exotic fruits like passion fruits and mulberries, buffet dinner at the hotel and breakfast buffet at the hotel. Somemore 5 star hotel so the spread is definitely up to standard.

2) You are a shopaholic.

Opps! I am such a horrible shopper. I managed to spend about 200 RM in 2 hours. I bought 4 watches ( to be given away ), a white Jackie O lookalike sunglass, Abercrombie & Fitch tee shirt, one black office bag, one green handbag and some food stuff to bring home.

I went to the hotel pub. No point drinking alot as the drinks are quite expensive so I made do with a bottle of carlsberg only.

On the bus journey, my friend said something to me which struck a chord within me. She got a friend who wanted a 200 ++ bucks forever friends bear as her birthday present. She was complaining that the presents she had to pay for is getting more and more expensive and she would rather buy presents herself. My friend went to Aceh last year and she illustrated this to me.

There was a donation of a rather big Forever Friends bear still wrapped in its finery for the Aceh children. Obviously it is an expensive bear. However what she said to me was thought provoking. She said ” To the children at Aceh, they will just treat the Forever Friends bear as a bear only. A bear for them to hug. They won’t even know that it is branded,” thinking back of her own friend who wanted a Forever Friend’s bear.

We have all been caught up in this materialistic society that we placed emphasis on brands more than the items itself. A forever friends bear is still a bear. The children of Aceh have so much to teach us.