lost pencilcase

I was feeling rather happy cause I went to devour crabs with Miss Eloquent at Simpang Bedok for dinner. SUper cheap. We had 3 crabs, 6 fried buns, 1 claypot of garlic seasame chicken , all for 16 bucks each.

Damn damn damn cheap right. And it was pretty good. Besides the fact that we are pretty and good. Okie that was lame.  Only 2 of us, however we were stuffing ourselves down like wild animals until we looked like stuffed animals. We are such big eaters.

I love fried buns and I ate 4 of them which I cheekily told Miss Eloquent that I am the Queen of buns.

Another point in which I was happy is because I secured another tuition. Kaching!!! Since he is my cousin, I charged him much cheaper than what I normally charge to outsiders. I consider teaching my cousins community service as their education can help them to improve their family fanancial status in the future. However his case is abit tougher as he is retaking his O’s this year. And within 1 year, he is supposed to pass A maths. Well done! I somehow seem like someone who can perform miracles. If only I can perform such miracles to my own studies.

And Miss Pooh will pass her tuition to me during July and half a month of August. Kaching! I shall be filthy rich for the month of July as my tuition will hit 1000 ++ on top of my pay.

And I was happily thinking that I will be going for 2 holidays within this 4 months, buy a digital camera and bleh bleh bleh. FUll of happy thoughts

Until I realised I dropped my pencil case on the bus. TMD! WTF! All my stationery is inside. Plus my beloved pencil case!!! Fuck. I need to pay everything again. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.