I just want to rant

Let me do some rantings here to let off some steam.

I wanted to slaughter some clothes stores when I read that clothes size will now include Size 0 and 2. Previously Size 4 was the smallest. What kind of message are we transmitting out by having a punier size than size 4? Many women are dieting ( by eating air, eating worms, not eating) to squeeze into a size 4. Women being women are not contented unless they can fit the smallest size available. SO the new size to be now is Size 0. Well done! Let’s all starve together and check out the anorexic looking arms.

So I was thinking in the future, there will be negative sizes. How cool will it be to ask for clothes Negative size 4? Uber cool. And as some women get thinner and thinner than a sheet of paper, some women on the other hand decide to feast and get bigger and bigger. Clothes in the future will be from size 50 to size -20.  It is kinda like the rich-poor divide which will get worse as the years go by.
Another issue which bothered me was the unanimous increase in university fees by all the 3 unis. Normally I hear so much rivalry between the 3 Universities. Except when they hold hands and be good friends and increase school fees together. Woo Hoo! Friends forever during fee hike. They might as well increase the school fees to $8888 for good fortune.Then I started to think how are my cousins are going to university. With the increase in fee hikes every year, I think it shall hit 10 k by the time they reach University age.

I guess school fees increase in Universities are set to remain every year. I am uncertain about alot of things except school fee increases. That one I am super confident! =D