I am the shopping Queen!

Feeling a tad upset that I did not buy my shoes yesterday, I woke up early just to go and shop for my shoes as well as my friend’s birthday present. Within half an hour, I bought both as well as my lunch. I am such a superb shopper!

And 1 more to my collection of shoes. It is 20% off and hence it means a must-buy! I must wear this new pair later when I go clubbing. Part of the reason I wanted to buy this pair is because I got no proper shoes to go with the black dress I bought. Oh yah, I am wearing the black dress later.

So as usual with most women, the whole shopping spree thing starts when we purchase something. And there is this whole obsession to match the whole look. For my case, it started with that black Arthur Yen dress.

And then I bought an evening black bag.

And then THIS pair of shoes to go with it.

It is as if my whole life depended upon this outfit.

Luckily I already have accessories to go with the dress which explains why I did not go around buying earrings and such. And of course I have to control my urge to spurge.

Today is the celebration for Miss Lilac’s birthday. We are supposed to dress up in something purple. I will cheat with my purple ring instead. Dinner will be at some Indian restaurant where we will be served buffet. Yum Yum! I have never tried Indian Buffet before. After which the night program will be clubbing at Phuture.

Ahem, I got something to announce here.

I have never been to Phuture before which is quite incredulous since I have been to Zouk a couple of times.

I jokingly told Miss Lilac that I give my virginity to Phuture on her birthday.

I don’t think I will enjoy myself later as I will be one of the odd ones out there later. Granted I know the other people but we are mere acquaintances. I can’t bloody dance with people I don’t know well. But we shall see how it goes. The last time I went out with that group, I felt so restricted the whole night.

I think tonight will be one of the days where I will spent a hell lot of money. Dinner is free cause Miss Lilac will treat but Phuture is going to be a bomb.

12 ( entrance ) + 30 ( for drinks ) + 20 ( for cab if I go home alone ) + 10 ( for cab to the dinner since I will be running late ) = 72 bucks

I just saw 72 bucks flying out of the window.

I can cater buffet for 7 people with that obscene amount of money for my birthday party.

Tell me which species of grass is the tastiest. I will be surviving on that for the next few months.