Happy happy happy

My iPod Photo is once again well and working. Even though it somehow miraculously revived by itself.

I still got to thank Jimmy for answering all my stupid questions and everything. Thank you very much.

And Roy at The Pod Stop @ Raffles (just email them for anything at all, the website’s hot product of the month is the iPod Photo) who was very helpful and even though he didn’t do anything.

Oh and Franz Ferdinand is coming to Singapore, a one day only concert. Damn. Besides me, is anyone else interested to go watch them?

What’s the deal with finicky feline’s blog being password protected? Perhaps her last post was hint enough.

I don�t know if I should be miffed or touched that I have so many lurkers. Actually, I feel like I�m in a crowd and everyone�s molesting me but there are so many people I can�t quite figure who touched my boobies or who touched my ass.

Only kidding.

Am working on the darned password thing now.

Looks like she’s not kidding. Only FF’s friends can get the password is it?

update: restructured