I hauled my lazy ass to the gym for 1.5 hrs with saboon.

After which I ate and ate and ate nonstop at my grandmother’s house. Eating and exercising increases my metabolism. I am trying to up my metabolic rate you see.
I bought kueh kosui and some pandan cheese swirl row cake. Kueh Kosui and another green on top, sticky rice at the bottom for my grandma as she is peranakan and loves such food. The pandan cheese thing is surprising good. They made cheese into cheese rice( think chocolate rice) and it tasted yummlicious. All sold at Bengawan Solo.

Of course my grandma started to ask me for the price of the kuehs when she heard it was from Bengawan and complained that it is very ex. But it tasted good. SO that is all it matters.

And my laptop is wonky and somehow all my bookmarks are deleted. Again! I think IE’s bookmarking is more stable somemore. At least my bookmarks are safe there.