Company Law project is bad.:(

Maybe because I am superstitious but I remembered that the semester when I am doing business law, those groups who wore suits did well. Hence I was adamant that we wear suits for our company law project as well.

But Minyu was totally against the idea. She did not tell me directly but went to tell Huaifong who told me instead. 🙁 Short of being a dictator, I agreed that we shall go without the suit instead. I hate stuff like that. Got anything just tell me directly.
I don’t know whether it is superstition or what. But we did rather badly for the project. We missed on so many points and went off tangent at others. I know that it is not just the suit that will make an A project but somehow I linked the project performance to the suit thing again.

What will happen if we wear suits?

I guess the buzz group was alright. Dunno whether the prof likes our approach but I was so zihigh during the buzz cause the class was so quiet.

Hope that the friday interview will turn out alright. I will be majorly disappointed if I can’t get it. But as usual, I won’t cry. I can cry so well during movies or when my sis need my tears for my project, but I can’t cry when I feel emotionally sad. What’s wrong with me?