Remember the old clothes collection which I did in late January. Well, I wrote a complaint letter regarding one of the major recyling companies to NEA. Basically the conduct of the recycling company disgusted me so much that it warranted a complaint letter. I can just say that there is no social entrepreurship by them, no corporate goverance, no ethics. Nothing.

The NEA officer called me up and I must say that my complaint was very well looked in to.  Our gahment really very efficent.

I came home and checked that there was an email by the recyling company which I complaint against.

Let me tell you a tip in writing complaint letters. Never ever write back to the company you want to complain about unless you got no choice. In that case, complain to the headquarters. Always complaint to the stakeholders of the company. Like the recycling company was a contractor so I complained to their “immediate boss” aka NEA.Their “boss” will then inform them that there is a complaint. The impact of your “boss” telling you that there is a complaint about you is much greater than your customer telling you that she is unhappy.  I know that the recycling company will try to cover up my complaint if I sent the complaint letter to them instead.

Another tip is to cc to as many people as possible. Your complaint letter is already written. It doesn’t hurt to add in a few email addresses. Get as many people involved in your case as possible.

Be specific in your complaint. Document your unhappiness and all the details. The more details the better. If it is a revenue-driven enterprise, suggest that you will spread through word of mouth or switch the product to their rivals. Companies are afraid. They know the power of word of mouth.