Be careful ladies

I happened to be at Tampines today and I witnessed something which I feel that ladies should take note of.

Apparently I was walking and I saw a guy in some sort of red shirt with deniem suspenders ( or just jeans ) walking in the direction towards me. This guy who appears to be in his 50s was carrying a plastic bag with a packet of food. The weird thing is that he is walking very fast in the direction towards me at an angle which appears to be super slanted and aiming at me.

In the end, he swerved his body towards one of the 3 ladies infront of me. AND HE HIT THE LADY’S right BOOB WITH HIS BODY.

It seemed bloody intensional.

cause firstly why can’t he walk in a straight line instead of such an acute angle within a short time. He can definitely see the ladies in front of mesince he is walking towards us and yet, he hit the lady on her right boob.

His facial expression was scary. When he was walking so fast at such an angle, he looked determined. When I first spotted him, I thought he is an ah siao. So that is how scary he looked.

And the 3 ladies are so BLUR. The lady was molested and I don’t think she realised it although she knew the guy bumped into her. Obviously they were so engrossed in talking and ignored the surroundings and people around them.

LADIES! We should be more aware of the environment we are in and our surroundings even if we are busy with doing things.  I have encountered a man trying to film a girl’s underwear and the girl was so unaware that someone is looking at her constantly. And the girl ( she is in her teens so maybe not so street smart ) did not even realise who this “someone” was even after I informed her to sit properly cause someone is filming her underwear. She did not even observe her surroundings around her and the guy followed her when she left.

ALL THESE HAPPENED IN SINGAPORE. Yes, singapore is a safe country but we should not take safety for granted.

On a total irrevelant note, while I was in a meeting when the event’s planner realised that I am a new introduction to the team instead of a old member. Then he commented that he had seen my face before which resulted in him having the impression. I was thinking ” HA! Common face but first time someone tell me that.”

And guess what one of them replied?

“He must have seen you in the pubs or clubs. ”

Of course I gave a smack. TMD! Why does everybody thinks that I network in the pubs/clubs? 🙁 I have stopped pubbing/clubbing already ( except for birthdays )