You are a changed man

You are a changed man. Someone told me that. Changed for the worse was the reply I gave.

You being part of the leader of Ocean’s 11 has earned our respect slowly but surely during the 2 years. We started off as strangers and ended as great buddies.

I always remembered the line you said. ” Our CCA above everything else. ”

I sure did. Studies took a backseat. Everybody sacrificed. And we sacrificed together which is why our bond is so great.

Imagine a couple of years later and you forgot what you preached.

Our alma mater required help for their annual event. Those who can make it are going down. And you can’t go down due to a soccer game which is just a game between friends. Speaks well of your priorities and commitments.

Everybody has their own commitments and what have you nots but we sacrificed like the good old days.

Disappointment. That’s all I can say. And nothing is sadder than that.