Yan Yan is delicious

If you’re not watching a movie, playing pool, buying anything; don’t go Orchard. Especially NOT Centrepoint. Unless you’re getting pussy willows for chinese new year to decorate your ugly, dull, boring room.

We were supposed to meet at 3.30 but for some profound reason, we ended up meeting at 4. OK, truth be told, we are both tardy, disorganized people.

So she was in her sexy uniform looking all adorable specially for me and after walking around pretending we are studious people when we went to Borders and Kinokuniya, we sat down for coffee at coffee bean. I got The Ultimate and she got the sweetest-but-no-matter-how-i-try-but-cant-stomach Caramel ice blended.

Anyhow, when we are done. We walked over to the bus stop and suddenly yan yan heard a camera clicking sound and this suspicious guy (who probably needs to go yun nam hair centre) walked away immediately.

Let’s just call this guy ‘cheebye’, technically, he’s just taking secret photos in our directions so he can sell them on ebay and he doesn’t look anywhere like a female’s secret place but ‘cheebye’ sounds good all the same.

Since I don’t have god like powers to show you all what exactly happened. This is a photo I got somewhere to illustrate the situation.

So instead of some hot sexy lingerie model, ‘cheebye’ probably got this in his camera phone.

This photo is so valuable that if you go sell it on eBay, I confirm you, highest bided item on eBay history EVER. No doubt about that.