Why did you Blog?

I was reading Kingmeng’s entry about why he started blogging.


And I thought that it will be nice to share the reasons why I started blogging.

I used to blog to update my friends on my life. Life is so hectic that we sadly have to read each other in order to keep in touch.

Then blogging became a sort of hobby when I realised that my friends are entertained by the rubbish I write.

My blog became my memory trove. A place to rant until I can no longer do so.
Well this blog is still my memory trove. However my friends are no longer entertained by the rubbish I write. Okie, only 2 of them are entertained now. But I like the fact that I can rant all I want here. Fuck Fuck FUck!
But I still missed the original reasons on why I started blogging. Sigh. But I am truly touched when my friends msned me, blogged an entry for me, emailed me etc.

Argh! Being emo again. And it is not that time of the month yet.
Now, share the reasons why you started blogging.