Wasted Sat

Sat is a real bad day. It started badly in the morning when I reach my first tuition place only to see my auntie leaving her house and her shock at seeing me. Sorry sorry, she said. Tuition is cancelled and she forgot to tell me. My tuition kid is in school right now. Which means that I can’t go back home since I am supposed to be at work in a couple hours.

But like a legendary ancient swordman who travels with his sword and rule the “jiang hu”, bookworm me travels the world ( literally ) with my fiction book. Luckily I got a story book with me and hence, I get to kill time. ( it so happens everytime I got a couple few hours to spare due to some mishap, I have a book in my bag.)

I finished Dan Brown’s Deception Point within sat. Deception Point is a rather refreshing style from his previous books as he did not touch on religion which he did in Angels and Demons and Da Vinci Code.

After which I headed for work and nasty wang wang who has a knack and special talent for irritating people puts his talent at work again.

( angry mode ahead )

Wa lau, wang wang make Miss Pooh and I so angry. While talking to him, I started muttering words like fucker, fuck and more fucks. Miss Pooh started rolling her eyes. Both of us started to breath heavily. Our blood pressure are increasing rapidly.

All this syndromes meant that Miss Pooh and I are pissed. Very pissed. Super pissed. Fucking pissed.

In the end, Miss pooh and I were so angry we left the office in search of other places to finish our work. The office reeks too much of wang wang. Pui.

Since we are so incessantly angry, we decided to emotional eat. I am super guilty of emotional eating. We decided to get our prata right and eat the authentic Jalan Kayu Roti Prata.

Being so emotional distressed, we ordered 1 mutton briyani, 1 chicken briyani, 2 roti pratas for 2 pple. The peeps there even asked how many people were eating. We sheepishly mentioned 2.

The food is not spectacular. I can get better briyani and roti prata anywhere else. So no jalan kayu roti prata for me anymore.

Inside we headed down to Miss Pooh’s hse to touch up the work.

Sat is wasted. Wasted by wang wang. Fucker.

( angry mode off )