wacky things my dad said

Mum: The Ice cream must be eaten hard.

Sis: No lah. The ice cream soft then nice

Dad: Get your MUM an ice cube. 

wahahhahaha! My dad is so funny.

Another funny thing he said

After a hard day at tuition, I returned home.

Sis: Eh, while you were away, Daddy was planning your bdae for you.

Mrs Lim: Huh?

Sis: Yah, Daddy said that he will call the relatives ( mum’s side) and ask them how much hong bao they are giving. Tell them that we are planning the budget for the party over at our side. The bigger the hong bao, the bigger the party.

Mrs Lim: Huh?

Sis: Yah, he said to call grandma ( mum’s side ) and ask whether she is giving 200 bucks. If she quote a lower price, tell her the market rate is 200 now so she need to increase her ang bao.

Mum: ( black face) Grandma is not working now so she do not have alot of money.

Dad: Si Yi and Xiao gu gu must give you more also since you tutor their children. If your cousin (si yi’s daughter) gets an A for A maths then she must give 500 bucks.

Mum: ( another black face  cuz si yi is her sister.)

Dad: Tell your friends not to buy you present. 80 dollars can already. Don’t need to give so much.

My dad is making my birthday to be a money-making business. -_-