V Day

I just read a blog post from my single friend’s blog about V day. I know it is more than a month away. She has this pseudo date with a friend so that she can tell her friends about it and not be an old hag on that day.

For the umpteen times, I have been celebrating V day with my girl pals. Plain loserish and plain sad.

I started thinking about how dateless I will be tis V day and decided to organise some fun thing out with the girls. Guess what Miss Superficial said?

Miss Superficial “choy, dun curse me to have no date. I shall have a date on V day.”

When you hit a certain age, being single is no longer some badge of honour that you own yourself and no one owns you. It is more about the feelings of loneliness that will suddenly hit you at the back of your head. And it means I can feel that my bio- clock is ticking. It totally sucks.

Not too sure about how I should spent my V day. Alone or with my single girl pals.