Ushering 2006

I woke up this morning just to do my makeup and I ended up with redder-than-intended cheeks. However I am unaware of this fact and walked about raffles with my red cheeks. Sorry to those whom I scared along the way.

I only knew this fact when Miss Pooh told me ” Hey, your cheeks very cute. Now looks naturally pink. In the morning, someone was asking why your face so red.”

Chou Miss Pooh. Tell me only after I scared everybody with my cheeks.

On the way back from work today, some random uncle cut my friend’s bus queue. Having a rather long day and my own anal-behavior towards queue-cutters, I scolded him “bastard”. I know one day, just one day, someone is going to beat me up or scratch my face or my red cheeks.

As I was boarding that same bus after uttering “bastard”, I complained to Miss Lab that whoever dared to cut my queue anymore shall be scolded by me. I don’t know whether it is a coincidence but a lady gave way to me on the bus instead of cutting my queue.

Bad Mrs Lim.

Work is generally quite enjoyable as I enjoy the banter with different people.

I found out today that a friend just broke up with her bf after 1.5 yrs. Thus while talking to another friend whom I havent kept in touch for a while, I immediately asked her whether she is stil together with her bf in case I made assumptions. And thus she told me the situation.

Case Study

  • Guy ignored her calls for 4 months ( by answering “I am sleeping” or refusing to pick up her calls.)
  • Guy went to taiwan during the 4 months without her knowing.
  • Guy went with another girl.
  • Guy finally confessed that a teacher has been chasing him and he finally told her a few days ago that he is attached.
  • Guy cannot forget my friend and decided to get back with her.
  • When she told me all this, warning bells went off in my head and I immediately thought that her bf is cheating on her during this past 4 months or even uptil now.

    Right now, she is enjoying a honeymoon period as the guy is showering her with lots of attention.

    Maybe I am being pessimistic but I can see herself heading for heartbreak.

    As a friend, I warned her and she is shocked at the suggestion of her bf cheating on her.

    Women in love think with their hearts.

    Women who are super single ( ahem like Mrs Lim ) analyse the situation too much.

    Women being women are such a contradiction.