The Unofficial Singapore Idol Blog

It’s been up for quite some time now. But the postings have been sporadic and erratic so I thought I’ll let it go on in solitary for a while.

But the author just posted up some breaking news (well, at least I didnt know before), Douglas Oliverio the poser rocker judge have been removed and to be replaced by Jacintha Abisheganaden.

I have no idea who she is but any hot babe with a long name that i cant pronounce is good in my books.

No shit, with all that vile writing on the blog, you’ll think the author hates Singapore Idol or something when the author is in fact a SI wannabe.

He secretly wants to be the next Singapore Idol but is too chicken to submit his registration form.

But yours truly have been training hard day and night, once I manage to overcome my little ‘tone-deaf’ problem, I’ll be submitting my registration asap.

Behold your next Singapore Idol, mr lim.

I even got the Singapore Idol pose all thought out. And I know I have a nice hair style.

Anyway do look on the unofficial singapore idol blog when season 2 actually starts, Mr SI wannabe have big plans for the blog.