Supper-a continuation on 2006 will be a fat year

After work, Mr Different Wavelength and Mr Jie Mei came to pick Miss Pooh and I up at 9 pm. Miss Pooh did not want to join us for supper and hence, we dropped her off somewhere. Mr Different Wavelength was not too pleased with me as I had somehow forced him to drive to my workplace.

Thus we headed off to Geylang to indulge in some famous Fried Hokkien Mee which he told us about the other time. But, I have just eaten fried hokkien mee for dinner and I ate fried hokkien mee for lunch last thursday( 3 days ago.) Too much Hokkien mee in a week.

I only managed about 3-4 spoonfuls and let the 2 men eat their fill. The 2 men were raving about the food but I think so-so only. Conclusion: too much fried hokkien mee will kill your tastebuds.

Then we decided to drive around to look for more food as Mr Jie Mei was still hungry even after 16 bucks of Hokkien Mee shared by the 3 of us.

I told Mr Different Wavelength to drive into the lorongs where the real action will be. Although it was my second time into those lorongs where alot of business are taking place, it is still an eye-opener for me. Since Mr Different Wavelength is driving a mercs, his car attracted alot of attention in the lane and some ah bengs decided to hit his car while we were driving in the lanes. Luckily Mr Different Wavelength is used to the attention his car attract.

I then saw a temple at the start of one of those lanes and I quipped to the 2 guys that it is rather disrespect to conduct business in those lanes when a temple is nearby. Mr Jie Mei then answered it is there so that the guys can go in and pray for Good Health and that everything will be smooth-sailing with No STDS.

Siao one.

In the end we adjourned to Cheesecake Cafe to have some cheesecake and a royal choc cake. Too bad we went a little late which resulted in the cheesecake we want to eat being sold out. Next time then.

At the cafe, Mr Different Wavelength was saying about the deteriorating health of a common friend we had. So I asked him” You can judge the health of a person ah? So how is my health?” Upon which Mr Jie Mei answered ” Too much cholesterol and a little low blood pressure.”

TMD. That was exactly what I told them when we were eating the fried Hokkien Mee cause I was “complaining” that I had unhealthy food the whole day and thus my body would have too much cholesterol. After which I added that it is quite surprising that my blood pressure is a little on the low side.

All in all, the supper outing was fun. I was a little tired and I almost went opened the door of the wrong car.