I think I am a sotong. You are reading entries by some maniac squidhead who squirts black ink. Okie, I am being siao.

I think I am in a deep daze the whole day today. I am almost like a rock judging by the amount of stoning I did.

I met Mr Think-he-is-charming at the train station and it took him a few shouts of my name before I realised his existence. Yah, then he said I dao.-_-

While going home, I walked past one friend. In fact we walked past each other for a good 1 metre before she realised that it was me and she shouted my name. I was so tired and absorbed in my own world that I basically ignored the existence of everyone. Everytime I walk alone, I can only see human forms and not their faces. That is how stoned I am.
1 metre more and another friend shouted for me. I did not recognise her at all. And I said ” Hey, ___(insert my nickname).” I stupidly said hallo to my ownself. Wtf. i must have looked like an idiot.

So for the entire day, I missed out on seeing 3 friends who had to shout for me. I shall buy lozenges for my friends as birthday pressies then.

If this continues pple will find me dao leh. TMD. So tired already and still need to give tuition. A maths somemore. Ptooi!