Some guys are such Dickheads

Wang wang just pissed the hell out of me. He wanted to treat dinner to Miss Pooh, me, Miss Eloquent and Miss TV-addict. I declined on behalf of them since we decided that we will not go to the dinner at all since we don’t see the point of having dinner with somebody we don’t like.

Wang Wang apparently did not get it. He accused me of making decisions for the rest of them. He even said that he got some of them on msn. Excuse me wang wang, did you realise that the rest of them except me had not appeared on your msn for some time? Yes, they blocked you. And you dickhead still wanted to have dinner with people who doesn’t want to.

One person you should have dinner with is feisty lady aka your gf.

I am damn pissed. Fuck! We did not play hard to get. Siao. Wang wang apparently think that he is very likable by womenkind.


Gay Colleague aka Cute Guy called to talk to me. I mentioned that I was broke and asked him to hurry with my salary. Guess what he say?

Mrs Lim: I am damn broke. Can hurry? The new Year is starting.

Cute Guy: I don’t trust in women. They always lie.

Mrs Lim: Hur? Lie? In what sense?

Cute Guy: Haiyah. Women always say they only love the guy abit when they actually love them alot.

Cute Guy has just made my day by making me laugh. Have I just lost hope in all straight guys?