Singapore Idol 2 judges and hosts

Update: Reliable sources tell me Jacintha is Dick Lee’s ex-wife. Either it’ll be real interesting to watch or really awkward. Both, I like.

Kooxyluvshe was listening to Y.E.S. 93.3 FM and heard this information during their news report.

Out of the four judges from Singapore Idol 1, only three will remain, Dick Lee, Florence Lian and Ken Lim. Past his time rocker Douglas Oliverio who was pretty much giving irrelevant comments throughout the entire competition is to be replaced by Jacintha Abisheganaden.

Never heard of her? Read her biography on singart, it’s pretty impressive and let’s hope that she will do a better job than the other judges in Singapore Idol 2.

And also on other Singapore Idol news, awfully boring Gurmit Singh, the host of Singapore Idol 1 and Singapore Idol 2 will be joined by Daniel Ong this season as co-host. I don’t actually listen to the radio often but I’m willing bet that a radio DJ will no doubt be more entertaining than Gurmit. Heck, even a tree log is more interesting than Gurmit.

– red ranger