Random Rants of the day

1) I got quite irritated with this person who calls himself KS which I mentioned to my friend. Guess what she said which got me smiling again? “KS stands for Kiasu and Kanna Sai what.” Erm, not a jab at people whose initials are KS.

2) I have been trying to contact Wang Wang to inform him to speed up work on his side. And he has been ignoring my sms and msning. We are going to call him tomorrow. ShitASS!

3) Miss Mono-High-Pitch commented that I became very vulgar recently. I have been sprouting english vulgarities and their famous hokkien counterparts. I shall refrain from saying or using them now. But I am entitled to use it on this blog. wahaha. Only Real life and msn cannot use.

4) Mr Lim is a sweet guy. Everytime I encountered some problems with my blog or so, he will help me instantly. Awww! He is still currently dateless on V day. Go date him!

5) I put on 1 kg for CNY. WHich means I need to lose 5 kg. The other 4 kgs are the long ago leftover weight I was supposed to lose.