Pointless Awards of the Day

1) Worst advertisment ever

This is an advertisement for those shady chat lines services you see in New Paper everytime. So do they want us to call in and chat or cover our ears and scream in agony when using their service?

Honestly, I’ve never ever tried calling to any of the hotlines and probably never will, so if you’re really into got this type of chatlines, I appreciate it if you could share your experiences.

2) Worst pool player ever

My brother, granted it’s the first time we played together so I let him have an advantage. But I still thrashed him, I reckon this will the probably the last time we play pool together again.

3) Longest rain without stopping

Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
mr lim and mrs lim want to play
Come again some other day

From 10am and it’s still raining. Amazing. Luckily Singapore have the best drainage system in the world.

4) Most petty person ever

My dad

5) Saddest iPod ever

Mine. I can’t get it to work. Damn.

6) Saddest person today

Yours truly. Aren’t Sundays supposed to be happy days? Fuck.