I knew it was coming. After living in harmony with my body for many years, I am used to her whims and fancies. And I was right.

After yest’s emo feelings all day, I knew my period will come today. My raging hormones only come with raging feelings and raging tears. Thus, when it is that time of the month again, I shall be feeling emo once more which means I will cry about 12 times a year. Heck, I don’t even cry when I receive fucking bad grades( when I mean fucking bad, I mean it fucking bad.) And if you are a normal Singaporean student ( involved in the paper chase ), there is something very wrong with you if you don’t cry over your results.

Okie, my point being I don’t cry easily. Except at funerals and movies and period days.

I think women are being trained to endure pain. I heard that pregnant contractions are like 100 times worse than the worse menstrual pain. TMD. My menstrual cramps can make me roll about in my bed and I will take MC because of it. Even fever and bad bad flu doesnt have such a privilege.

I remember reading the reason why men are taught to open doors for females. Painful menstrual cramps have been troubling women since centuries ago, and men will open the door for women in case they are weak during their menses. And since they don’t know when a woman is having her menses, they will open door for every women just in case. And boy, I was exceptionally thankful for the guys who opened door for me today. Thank you very much.

During lunch, my cramps started to evolve into something more potent and rear its ugly head. I started developing a painful migraine on the right side of my brain. Pretty weird since I seldom have migraines and headaches. The migraine only stopped after an hour plus and with a panadol and a nap.

I am destinated to deal with pain today.

Pain is something I am proud of since I got a high tolerance for it. I pulled out my own teeth all the time when I was young. I am not afraid of injections.

Come and test my body, pain!