Open letter to Wang Wang

Dear wang wang,

I guess the past week has been bad for us all, between Miss Pooh, me and you. We can only blame our over-efficiency and your incompetence for the clash.

For the first time in my entire working life, I shouted at my boss. With the many bosses I have before, no matter how bitchy, bossy, incompetent they are, I always keep my cool with them. Well, the difference between them and you is simply the word “respect”. I have lost all respect for you which resulted in me being “overbearing” as you said I was. Trust me, my friends were shocked when I told them you said I was overbearing. Overbearing is an adjective not associated with me until you came along and pushed me to my limits.

You always tell everybody how hard you have to work, the long hours put in, 7 days a week yada yada. Only after working with you, I realised you said half-lies. Working hard is definitely not associated with you.

You forgot to tell everybody the times you went off during working hours to do dunno-what-shit and fail to return even after office times.
You forgot to tell everybody that your working hours start in the afternoon at times.
You forgot to tell everybody that you sleep in your office during work.
You forgot to tell everybody that most of the time spent in the office was on msn and on chatting.
You forgot to tell everybody that you would rather sit in the office all day instead of going on the site.
You forgot to tell everybody so much more about you.

For the longest time, you have been a boss. Humanity is something you need to learn as a boss. Ego is something you need to let go. Consideration of other people is something you have never known. Cheating on your gf is something you are good at.

I hope that you realise Miss Pooh and I are consultants who are paid by the job and not by the hours. Making us waste 6 hrs waiting for your decision is a sin. Getting us down to your office the next day to receive some info which you can email to us is something we tolerate. Making us wait for another 3 hrs while you go gallivanting outside is intolerable and inexcusable.

Your time may be spent on having fun and such. Our time is spent on doing work and occassionally having fun. Please do not waste our time on doing work while you spent your time on having fun.

Getting us to consolidate your data for you is as good as getting programmers like us to do data-entry for you. I hope you understand that the pittance amount of pay we are getting do not require us to be subjected to such boorish treatment from you.

To appease our anger for the time being, please allow Miss Pooh and I to continue to block you on msn.


Mrs Lim