My kid has grown up

My love and patience on my tuition kids have not been wasted. Today as I was sniffing into tissue paper, my tuition boy saw my discomfort and gave me a sweet saying ” Nah, eat this sweet then you won’t sneeze anymore.”

At that moment, I realised that my tuition kid has grown up. He is 14 and growing more mature by the day.

And he asked me a question about switching his cca. I am glad that he is asking for my help when he encounter problems. Guess my sharing of my life experiences and moral lessons during tuition has helped him. And at that point in time, I wanted to give him a BIG BIG HUG to tell him everything is alright. But I didn’t guess hugging is not the culture in our family.

At times like this, I actually love to be a tutor.

Since this tuition kid have not been out of Singapore for a long time, I promised that if he has done well for his O’s in a few years time, I will sponsor a trip to Malaysia.

Wah, with the motherly love I am showering on my kids, I am ready to be a mother.