My CNY Eve

I spent my CNY Eve clearing my room. My room is still in a terrible mess and I only have time to clear it on the eve. Of course before clearing my room, I went to irritate my mother and ask her what we are having for reunion dinner later which I have been bugging her for the past few days.

This Year’s reunion dinner will be different

For once, we will not be having steamboat. Apparently we cannot eat steamboat for reunion dinner if someone passed away in our family in the past year.

Since my grandmum will be alone this year for reunion, we decided to join her instead. Thus my mum will be cooking and we will be bringing the food over to my grandmum’s house to eat with her. We are having roasted duck, sambal prawns and cauliflower. Maybe there will be xiao long baos and dumplings from ting dai fung if they are opened today and I am not too lazy. For dessert, there will be ice jelly. I missed steamboat somehow. Of course the celebration this year will be quite different.

I still have 1/20 of the book Memoirs of a Geisha to read before I finish. I am looking for a good time to read the book so as to indulge in the emotions of Sayuri. Now that I have read the book after watching the movie, I realised that some aspects are different. But book-to-movie adaptations are always different and it made me realise words are much more powerful than drama. My life illustrated in words here will be more entertaining than my real life.

Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, and you are reading me when you are supposed to be spring cleaning ( which is what I am supposed to do as well right now.), I shall leave you with a startling picture of my cousin who can make a lotus tongue or lian hua se as the chinese papers call it.

I used to see it in the chinese newspapers but it is more appalling seen in real life. I got a shock when my cousin showed it to me, after simply asking whether I can divide my tongue into 3 parts.

Click to see the lotus tongue!

There you have seen it. My younger cousin is so amazing.

And a happy CHinese New Year to everybody. It is the year of the woof woof!