Miss Sporty’s Birthday!

Tuition ended late as I have to lend my cousin my laptop for her to use internet since her pc crashed. But the thing is that she uses a dial up modem. Ah! Which means that I must first install the singtel launcher and modem and her printer on my laptop. Ah! WHich means that I will be frigging late for the birthday celebration. Ah! And there is this error message which says that there is no dial up tone and to check that the modem is properly connected to the phone line. AHHHH! And the error message appeared tens of time. In the end, my cousin headed to my house to use our internet. But I have wasted 1.5 hrs trying to install it for her in my laptop and thus 1.5 hrs late.

In the end, I only joined the tai tai gang for desert at paragon’s baker’s inn and Miss Sporty treated me to desert. Free food taste so yummy.
And what a pleasant surprise when I saw Miss Indo ( the real tai tai of us all ). Haven’t met her in 1-2 years cause she is forever jetsetting to Hong Kong, New Zealand and Indonesia althought she is part of our tai tai gang.

And when I arrived, Mr Gay presented the vegetable Bouquet to Miss Sporty ( pic in the above post. )He is damn talented and creative, can create such a nice bouquet. All of us had a good laugh when we saw the bouquet. Certainly the most hilarious bouquet ever seen!

Mr Gay will make bouquets for us on our birthday. I am getting a pork chop bouquet. -_-

And since Miss Indo birthday is around the corner, we asked her whether she is celebrating in Indonesia or Singapore. We told her that if she is celebrating in Indonesia, she have to fly us in a private jet to Indonesia. At that point in time, we started to get carried away and planned her birthday for her.

Miss Indo’s Birthday

Mr Gay made a quick observation about women when I was shopping for my birthday dress. He said that women always look for one piece during shopping while they normally wear two pieces. Haa! True true! I always do that.

And since Mr Gay discouraged me getting a dress, I will try to find nice top and skirt. Gays know fashion better.

And to save money, I will get the tai tai gang to buy my birthday clothes as my birthday gift.

And I hope Miss Superficial, Miss Eloquent are joking about the i-Gallop as a gift.

i Gallop, originally uploaded by mrslim.