Life in a Day of a karung guni

I went back to help out my alma mater in their annual old clothes and old newspapers collection. I woke up at an extremely early 730 am. Can’t even sleep in on a sunday but I am not complaining. This old clothes and old newspapers collection is to raise funds for charity and we have yearly managed to raise 20-30 thousand dollars in a day’s affair.

Thus I set out to do some blocks of flats. It is definitely no fun to climb flights of stairs and knock on every single door to ask for clothes and newspapers. Some blocks of flats have common corridors on a few floors only so we have to go down 3-4 staircases in a block just to ensure that we covered all the units.

After covering 2 block with Jess and QY, we headed back to school for lunch. By then the morning shift is over and aftershift is just starting. More than half the school is involved in this project since the area covered is roughly a few hundred blocks.

An “interesting” incident occured during the collection. I received a call from the in-charge of the area that our block has mistakenly collected an ntuc plastic bag left outside with a bottle of vitamin pills. Apparently the auntie is very anxious to get her pills back. We searched through the entire collection in the block and found nothing. Calling the incharge back, I managed to get in touch with the girl who talked to that auntie. Maybe being young, the girl did not take down the number of the auntie and the auntie had left to meet up with her friend. The last words before she left the girl was ” Leave the vitamins with my neighbour.”

And the girl apparently think that we can surely find the vitamins which is why she did not get the number. Hence there is no way we can follow up on this case right? It will definitely reflect badly on my alma mater. Hence Jess and I went back to the unit and knocked on all her neighbours’ doors. Luckily one neighbour answered us and she said that the auntie from that unit is a bit ” SIAO” AND SHE IS FORGETFUL AND WILL IMAGINE THINGS.


And QY is definitely not a gentleman. While collecting clothes and newspapers from a particular unit, as he had his hands full of stuff, Jess and I stood outside the unit to carry the stuff the guy is giving us. What QY did not tell Jess and I was that the guy was naked and wrapped in a towel tightly. All contours can been seen carefully. WTF. And Jess and I were hoping that the towel will not give way at all.

Back at school, I spotted my crush. Wahaha. He is also a senior like me just that he graduated a couple of years earlier than me. Every year got incentive to return back to help cause of him. 😀

Hoon came. Luckily she came with a car cause we received a call from a resident that her clothes were not collected. Calls like that are common and we understand that the resident is trying to give to charity as well. However, her block was collected in the morning and it is now the afternoon shift. We are collecting in a entirely different area from the morning and going to her block just to collect a solitary bag is quite impossible. So if ever, your unit was missed out due to human errors ( we collected thousands of units and some units might be mistakenly left out), do not insist on your stuff being collected if the school or organisation said that they are in another area. It is silly for a big lorry to go to a specific block to collect one bag which is totally out of the way. Besides, all the lorries are busy collecting other regions now and no lorry is free to make a trip. In the end, since Hoon drove, Jess and I and Hoon went down to that unit to collect.
The president came back, the one whom I said he changed. I guess the rest of us were kinda glad that he came back to help out. Afterall, he was the pet of the teacher. But Lou and I can’t help but think that he cut short his soccer game cause it was going to rain.

Indeed, shortly after he arrived, it started to pour.

Hoon was the driver of the day. One poor guy fell down in the room and got a nasty cut. His fat tissues came out. It looked like chicken fat. And we had to drive around to look for a doctor to stitch the wound. Alas no doctors are opened at 5 pm. In the end, Hoon drove the guy to the hospital for 2 stitches.

And I had to run about to find a doctor. In the end got terribly drenched. And Hoon said the funniest thing in the car.
Mrs Lim: Wa lau. Damn wet lor.

Hoon: Haiyah, the old clothes are being sent to the warehouse if not you can take and wear them.

Mrs Lim: -__________-

At 5 plus, received a call that 5 blocks are not collected finish. The collection is supposed to end at 6. In the end, Jess, LOu and I went down to help out. And we almost fainted when we saw the blocks. It is the tall and long type of block.

3 of us set out to a daunting task of collecting from the longest and biggest block. There are easily more than 200 units there. The block is almost 200 metres long and 10 storeys high. Luckiily we got more help along the way. My calves are almost killing me by the amount of stairs I had to climb.

And Lou and I encountered another guy wrapped in a towel. -_________- Top half naked again. And it was already 730 when we collected from him.

The collection ended at 8 plus. Luckily I did not have to go to the warehouse this year although it would have been another experience.

Finally it ended with zi char dinner. Long time never eat zi char with them.

And I went home, still wet, tired but nevertheless glad that I helped out.