Jocie, 郭美美 Guo Mei Mei identity revealed

I have no doubt everyone have heard about her if not, one of her songs???????and??????. YES 9.33 have been exceptionally generous on their airwaves.

Though the lyrics aren’t the most deep. This got to be the most catchy song I’ve heard for some time. And that oh-so-girly voice just make her so much more irresistible.

And the rumours that she’s from Singapore Poly everyone heard. True.

Just in case anyone of you guys rather not know how she really look like.

Those of you who’s dying to see her real face, after the jump.

Little known fact, remember Channel U’s ?????????held last year? Me neither. But apparently Jocie ??? took part and singing Stefanie ??? Sun Yan Zi’s songs, got into the semi finals (however did not win).

This was how she looked then.

And this is NOT Jocie with???????original composer ???.

And her poodle hair but still very cute shot.