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Today my sister and I were listening to a radio program about love among Japanese schoolgirls. We were really intrigued by the whole thing, so we asked my friend C.J. about it, and she was like:

Damn!.. Shut up! I was just learning about Japanese schoolgirls in class!

But then when my sister and I got to the part about the love, C.J. stopped yelling. And then this morning, C.J.’s brother told me that the reason C.J. was so freaked out was because she has a fear of love from childhood. Sometimes C.J. can be a little demented like that, but she wants what is best for me…

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There are tons of generators on the web. You know those where you enter your name or something or refresh the page and you get some ‘my japanese name’, ‘my favourite colour’ shit.

This got to be the most useful among them all.